FINAL ROUND!! (exam)

For my final exam, I am privileged to introduce the world to my Sensei, my mentor, and my friend: Dennis Lindey.

Dennis is as close as they come to being a super hero. On his resume, Dennis has graduated college with a degree in electronic engineering with a minor in philosophy, trained and served in our U.S. Navy, sparred and trained with the Green Beret Special Forces Group, ridden a motorcycle across the entire U.S., and is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Kickboxing.

Obviously there is more to tell you, but we would be here all day.

In the video below, Dennis trains me in blocks and counters. See how I do against this legend!

As you can see, he takes it pretty easy on me, but just know that he is one of the strongest 50 year old’s that I have ever met. He believes in a non-contact form of training because if you get injured, that takes away from training time and being able to train at 100%. You would only cheat yourself.

Now I probably know what you are thinking, “If this guy is so trained and so good, why isn’t the video inside of a state of the art gym with bells and rings??” That is because he trains people for free at his local apartment complex! He has a regular class for people who can’t afford the outrageous prices of other gyms such as 100-200 dollars! One look at him and you see his crazy hair color and fighting background and one thinks to themself “Man this dude is a Badass, I will stay away from him and not associate with him.” When in fact, he is one of the most humble people that I have ever met!

Listen to this exclusive interview that I was fortunate enough to attain with Mr. Lindey. You will see just how cool this dude is!


As you can see, Dennis has really lived the humble life and has dedicated his life to making this world a better place. As he said in the interview, he has been training for 20 years and it has taken a toll on his body, but he still wants the best life that he can lead, all three parts of himself.

Training under Dennis Lindey is an honor and he teaches you to be calm and collected in fights. The main thing that I wish for you to take away is that kickboxing is fun and then you can beat up people, but kickboxing and other martial arts are taught for SELF-DEFENSE! Don’t be a bully, It’s not cool!

This has been Austin Hayes, Signing out!



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